Choosing the Right Clearing Barrel

Choosing the Right Clearing Barrel for your



This is probably the most asked question we receive which Weapon-Clear model is right for me or my organisation

The information below will help you find the best solution


What is the maximum caliber your organisation has for firearms ?

Remember that in future Steel Cored and other materials maybe used for bullets – Weapon-Clear covers all types of projectiles including AP and APi

Now bear in mind that you may deal with captured/confiscated firearms which exceed your specific caliber !

If this is likely then your choices are


Perfect for wall or bench mounting

Photo of the Emergency-Clear clearing barrel Emergency-Clear safety beyond 50 BMG Api Click on Photo for more information.


$699-00 inc Shipping Lower 48 States

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Free Standing Floor Mounted Version

Photo of Clearing Barrel Rifle-Clear Floor Standing Clearing Barrel Click on photo for full specification.

This removes any and all questions over caliber of weapons handled

Rifle-Clear $849-00 inc shipping lower 48 States

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We Accept Purchase Orders

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If your organisation is handgun only then the




Photo of the Pistol-Clear Clearing Barrel Pistol-Clear certified to .308/7.62 Rifle Click on Photo for more details








Vehicle-Clear Clearing Barrel Click on Photo for more details

NOTE BOTH MODELS ARE GOOD FOR .308/7.62 or 300Win Rifles


Tamper Proof

The clearing barrel being tamper proof is a very important requirement , Idle hands and intelligent minds can make some clearing barrels unsafe


Weapon-Clear units are sealed units that cannot be made unsafe unless to take a cutting saw to them !




Siting your Clearing Barrel

Dependent on suggested location of the Weapon-Clear this will obviously feature in which model is for you dependent on caliber above

Portable Clearing Barrel

Need portability and a handle – then the Emergency-Clear or Pistol-Clear both are portable and come with an integral handle for easy portability.


Floor Mounted Clearing Barrel

For this we offer one model the Rifle-Clear good for all rounds up to and including 50 BMG Api – the unit provides the perfect static clearing barrel.


Wall Mounting


All  our units come pre drilled for wall ,bench or floor mounting

If space is tight and you need a wall mounted option then the Pistol-Clear , Emergency-Clear or Vehicle-Clear are the perfect options dependent on caliber above.


If you have any further questions,

need a quote or indeed some help



we will be back to you same day.



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