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Independent Test Data

Since 2004 We have had testing carried out with many independent test labs throughout the world and indeed many of our customers have tested the units within their own organisations,However we only publish such data with the permission of the organisations.


Ammunition Calibre Quantity Held Witness Paper
9mm 5 Yes No Penetration
.38 Spl 5 Yes No Penetration
.357 Magnum 5 Yes No Penetration
5.56 * 45 NATO 5 Yes No Penetration
5.56 * 45 Hirtenberger 5 Yes No Penetration
7.62 * 39 Soviet Ball 5 Yes No Penetration
7.62 * 51 L2A2 Ball 5 Yes No Penetration
7.62 * 51 DAG AP 5 Yes No Penetration
30-06 Gevalot 5 Yes No Penetration
.50 BMG 2 Yes N/A
.50 BMG M2 AP 1 Yes N/A


Note due to extreme muzzle blast witness paper was not used on the 50 BMG Rounds

Some of the organisastions  We use and have used.




Cranfield Military University


Wiltshire Ballistic Services


If you require copies of the test data please email sales@weapon-clear.com

and we will provide copies of the original test data.

questions email sales@weapon-clear.com

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