Vehicle Clear

Vehicle-Clear Clearing Barrel

The Vehicle-Clear model was developed specifically for Close Protection and Security Team operators who needed a compact lightweight clearing barrel suitable for unloading the usual range of weapons a bodyguard team would have.

However since launch the Vehicle Clear has proved popular for officers in a domestic situation and indeed with Police departments for front office clearing unit.

Vehicle-Clear Clearing Barrel

With the Vehicle-Clears compact size light weight and easy portability it provides 7.62/.308 clearing capability where ever you need it.

The Vehicle-Clear clearing barrel is safe to use with


All Handguns

All Rifles to .308/7.62 NATO – this includes AR15/MP5 /Ruger Mini 14 etc




Height 8 Inches

Width  4.5 Inches

Depth  8 Inches

Weight 12lbs

Caliber All Pistol and Rifle Rounds to .308/300 win Mag


Vehicle-Clear Only $ 499-00 including Shipping Lower 48 States

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