Weapon-Clear Advantage Over Snail Traps

Snail Traps Are Unsafe with Steel Cored Rounds

Snail traps such as those sold by Savage Range Systems are indeed a interesting solution to decelerating a bullet , however by the nature of their construction and design they cannot deal with steel cored or indeed Ap or Api rounds.


Therefore in a LE or Military Situation where steel cored (SS109) or indeed Ap and Api maybe present Snail traps are inherently unsafe.

Weapon-Clear Emergency-Clear and Rife-Clear units are safe to use with any rounds from any rife or pistol – indeed we have tested beyond the 50 BMG Api to 14.5 * 114 in Api.

Click below for Independent Test Data on the models

Emergency-Clear Test Data


Rifle-Clear Test Data



Snail Traps Limits on Caliber


Another safety concern is by their very nature Snail type unloading devices have a velocity and a ft/lbs limit.

Due to this the situation could arise where a round in excess of the maximum caliber could be discharged , with potentially lethal consequences.


However due to the nature and design of our Rifle-Clear and Emergency-Clear models there are no restrictions on either velocity nor energy.

Emergency-Clear Test Data


Rifle-Clear Test Data




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